Predict Winning Lottery Numbers To Get Big Cash Prizes Satta matka

If you think you need to have some psychic power in order to predict winning lottery numbers, you are very wrong.

If you think you need to be very rich or lucky to predict winning lottery numbers, you are wrong too. It is possible to win the lottery with just a few dollars provided that you have a good lotto system.

A good lotto system will help you to predict winning lottery numbers by among others, helping you to identify and eliminate the numbers that you should not choose when you play the lotto.

I am sure you would want all the cash prizes for yourself. If more people buy the 6 numbers similar like yours, then you would have to share the prize with more people. So, when you predict winning lottery numbers to get a bigger prize, you should avoid popular numbers that other players might be buying.

As a guide, you must avoid 2 consecutive numbers or multiples of a number (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8….). A lot of people like to buy lottery based on the birth dates. So, you should buy at least one number which is larger than 31. That way, your chances of winning big prize would be higher.

Also, make sure you do not have more than 2 numbers that are 12 or below. matka This is because such numbers would crash with the calendar months as well as birth dates which are usually very popular among lotto players. You should not choose any recent winning numbers as well as chances are, many others will do the same thing.

After you have done your homework to predict winning lottery numbers and have picked the 6 numbers that you want to buy, stick to it! Many are tempted to change the numbers after a few failed trials and switch to other so-called “lucky” numbers that have won the lottery. The point is, unlike any other investments, lottery doesn’t depend on past record or history. The recent winning numbers do not have any impact on the numbers that are going to win the lottery. So, the Guru’s advice is, stick to the numbers that you have selected. Buy consistently and persistently. That would greatly enhance the chances of you getting a big prize!

Further, to predict winning lottery numbers, a good lotto system would be very helpful too. For such system to be considered as a good system, it is important that the system works for most, if not all, lotto games in any country. The Silver Lotto System by Ken Silver is one of the rare lotto system which works for most lotto games in any country. It accepts all games of 5 to 7 balls and up to 69 numbers.


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